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    MT bike for the wife

    I haven't posted in this room till now. I am really not a true mt biker, although I love riding on non technical trails. You know the ones with straw instead of roots and rocks. Anyway, I have been trying to get my wife involved in cycyling. She used to ride her bike way back in college. So I decided that I need to buy her a new bike (and me sorta). I have a 1995 Diamondback ascent ex, was nice in its day, now outdated. Seems like computers & bikes have a lot in common.

    My LBS tells me that as long as you spend around $500 and up, you aren't getting plastic and etc. They carry Specialize/Cannondale/Giants. I don't need to spend a lot, and since the new models are coming out, I figured this is a good time. He suggested the Giant Iguana ($465), and the Specialized maybe rockhopper($480), anyway they retailed for almost the same price, and were marked down over $120 each. He said the iguana had just a couple of items that were a little better, and I belive the rock shock model on that bike was one of them.

    I figure for around $500 there probably isn't any great differences in any of the brands, is that right?

    Oh I made the mistake of joining her while she tried it out, on one of the higher end lighter weight bikes, really niiiice. On sale for $895. If I was a serious MB Cyclist I wouldn't think twice about spending more. Plus the wife, isn't gonna ride that often, and we both ride a 17" frame. She knows that I am really buying it for both of us.

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    Well, if you're buying it for "HER", then buy the one that she's the most comfortable on. Have her test ride both AGAIN, and decide which just "Feels" better. It's definately subjective.

    You are right that for the same price, there are little differences between the two bikes. Giant's are spec'd a tiny bit better, since they have their own factory, whereas Specialized has their frames made by "others" most likely Giant as well.

    Both are good bikes, but remember, if she's not comfortable, she won't ride!

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