Hi all

I spent a month of quality time back home (Greece), total sunshine and avg of 35deg celcius in a house 10meters from the sea....and now i am back in Wales ...raining 24/7 and 15degcelcius....someone from here just save me pleaaaaaaaase you are my friends arent you? .
Anyhow....back to our stuff ...i have grown some respect for maxxis tires....but i went on to their website and i am buzzed up....loads of models to choose from...so i dont know nothing about it and could use your expertise. I need something similar to the panaracer firexcpro 2.1 or trailblaster 2.1 . Meaning an allaround tire ....fast rolling and grippy over dirt....oh and also light (500-550g) and not so fast wearing as my RollX tires from specialized.

Where is the sun? Anyone?