OKay just getting into biking. Looking to do some offroading nothing too serious at first until I can get in better shape and of course learn more. I'm 5'11" about 235 so a little on the heavier side so I wanted something strong. For my first bike this is what I will be receiving from this guy I know:

2003 Rocky Mountain Flow 20" inch frame.

1. the front derailer is an xtr 75 dollar value.
2. it comes with mavic rims tubeless, it has a tube tire on it now, but you can go tuebless if you want to, i would stay with tubes but there killer rims they cost about 170 each, I just happened to have them laying around and i will never use them.
3. has avid disk brakes 90 dollars each.
4. XT casset 9 speed.
5. LX shifter brake combo rapid fire 160 dollar value.
So I guess you can say its not really being down graded, the bike will be worth about 1k...

He's also throwing in some very nice cranks...don't know what kind but sounds like a sweet deal.

I went ahead and ordered a Marzocchi All Mountain 3 '07 fork for this bike....may not be the best but hey for a first bike on kind of a budget I don't think that's a bad deal.

I would have gone softail but was told being on the heavier side(and I get heavier during the winter when I bulk up in the gym) this should suit me better.

So...how doe this sound?? Did I do good? BTW got it all for around $695 and this is going to be all new parts besides the frame which is in excellent shape. Thanks.

Next project in the future would be a full suspension set up but for now I'm sure this one will suffice.:cool: