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    Manitou splice on my trek fuel 80

    I have Manitou Splice comp forks fitted to my new Trek Fuel 80 as standard, is it just mine or does anyone else find them incredibly harsh over small bumps, my hands after a trail ride feel like I have been riding ridgid forks ! They just dont seem to work over high speed small bumpy fire road type terrain. But incredibly after a ride a ride I heck how much travel I got from the 100mm and its usually pretty much all of it ! But I just dont know where as they feel nasty over everything.

    Also they actually seem to harden up during the course of a 2 hr ride ?? Can this be right or is it my imagination ?

    I used to have some Marzocchi MX comps air on my old Marin and if I remember some years back they did feel much more responsive. So I was thinking of upgrading the Manitous to some MX Pro's (wiggle 130), would I notice the difference ? I dont have much to spend on stuff. It just seems a shame to have to ditch newish forks. But if they are crap then they are crap and will have to go, and at the moment I am not enjoying riding my bike with them on. Or am I just expecting too much and the forks are fine ?

    I have the compression damping right off and also the Preload is set to minimum. I am 143 lbs (10st 3)

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    What type of riding are you doing?

    I have been using a Splice Super for more than a year and its performing really well.

    I dont know if its due to low expectation or my lack of experience with higher quality forks (Rock Shock Revelation is the best I have used so far. In the world of high end Foxs and Marzocchis thats not saying much).

    I found the Splice Supers to be very responsive for trail riding (no big jumps or drops). they were very plush and I could use almost the entire length of travel. My fork came with travel adjustment, rebound adjustment but no lockout or preload adjustment. The only thing I changed on the fork is, I put firmer springs (the fork was too plush and was sucking up energy on long climbs).

    I also found that correct rebound adjustment helps Splice's performance substentailly. So, you may want to check on that. In my opinon, Splice Super is a very nice fork for trail riding, especially if you are talking about performance. If you want to add the bling factor to your bike go with Marzocchi or Fox. They may perform better too but you have to pay lot more money for that.

    So, do some adjustment on the fork, talk to a local bike store and possibly Manitou about the issues you are encountering....and there may be some solution to your problems. Marzocchi MX series is pretty nice, but why pay that much money if you have a decent new fork to begin with.

    good luck .
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