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    Marsh Creek State Park Ride 09/23/07

    My first post other than my intro, just wanted to share some stuff from yesterday's ride....

    Little backround: I have a Specialized Hard Rock. Grip-shift. Regular solid fork (soon to be upgraded. I bought it mostly to have a bike to ride around, but now that I'm getting into being in the woods, I'd like to rattle my brain a little less )

    After riding for an hour or so, I decided to do a few "Hey, I wonder where THAT path leads?" and go off and try them out. There's a regular circuit I'm used to that I rode my last time out, and I was pretty familiar with the twists and turns, so I wanted to try a few of the offshoots. Bottom line, after doubling back a few times over the next hour to try and find my way back, I got lucky and was able to ask a couple out with their dog how to get back to the parking area! It was a blast. I got to enjoy the woods and had a little adrenaline rush. Next time, I'll pay closer attention. I ended up carefully breaking through a few feet of non-trail (didn't make a mess) and popping out of the woods next to some fishermen. They got a laugh out of it.

    At one point, my left shoe wouldn't snap into the pedal. I stopped and checked and I had lost a screw that holds the cleat on the bottom, allowing it to turn. Fortunately, the one remaining screw (!) was pretty tight and I was able to turn it more or less straight so it would stay. If ever there were a time when Loctite should have been used, this would have been it.
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