Hi guys, I need help!!!

I was big into xc racing in my early teens, then girls came along and I stopped. Im now earning a bit of money and looking to start back riding again. Do I,

(1. Rebuild my old bike. GT Borrego (rigid) full Xt Vbrakes etc.cost estimated at 750, bike is small in 5'11" now and 82 kilos!

--------------------------------------------- O R ----------------------------------------------------

(2. Purchase a Felt Q720. (550) - I havnt heard much about this Brand of bikes but the kit looks good with xt,Lx etc.

If any one has info or comment or even abusefull comment Id be greatfull!

Im looking to hear from any one who has bought or riden a Felt Q720, and also does any one know how much they weigh?

have a look ;http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetai...dID=5360026990