It's not going to happen. So, it will just have to be lived with.

While the moderating team here tries to take care of anything that we see, there is things that we will miss, and for that there is a report this post to a moderator. It will send it to a query where it will be dealt with.

If someone really turns you off or annoys you, use this:

Most of all, do not post a message saying that you have that member on the ignore list.

Generally, I'm very lax with things, but from what I saw when I returned from my vacation has me very annoyed. I know that it won't put a stop to it, but the bulk of the bickering needs and will come to an end.

To the Senior Members and Junior Members, just layoff on the OP if the op is new and from now on don't derail any thread until the question has been answered. Debates over certain things are just fine, however do not make it into a smearing campaign against the person your debating with.

To the newbies, please make your posts to a point to where people can understand it to a reasonable point in English, if English isn't your primary language, just try your best; I'll make any spelling corrections needed. Also don't go acting like you know it all already and sparking off fights with people that do know what they are talking about, posts like that never end well and never will.

AOL'ese is not proper english, therefore it is not allowed here any post with any aol'ese used will be deleted and the op asked to repost using proper english.