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    Rock Shox Pilot SL (2004)

    Hello ppl !!!
    To get to the question directly...
    I bought a bike 2-3 weeks ago (2nd hand) whitch is practicly like new really, but Im a little worried about that Pilot because i hear some sound every time when my wheal get from the air and touches the ground.
    I don't know is it natural because the air is first one whos doing the job and then the oil spring comes as second to do what its need to do. It's like it has a 0.4-0.5 inches off free travel at the start (at the bottom whitch is already). So is something wrong or what? what do you think?
    One more thing... i pump the air today and that sound is still there ... that's not the reason... i think.....
    BTW Motion control? what is it? what's its purpose?
    And one more! : there is lockout with poplock whitch is on right side of crown and has some little hole in the middle with cap that says: "2.5 gate"... what's that for? is it something have to do with that motion control?
    Hope to hear any comments and suggestions
    Thanx in advance
    And sorry for my english
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