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    New Frame For My Old Trek

    Hello everyone. I just found this great deal on a frame from jension usa and i was wondering if all the components from my trek 4300 disk, would switch over all right onto the new frame...


    trek 4300 with disk-

    I also plan on changing to single speed, but I am getting new hubs as well. I will get that done at the bike shop however, so I don't believe I need to buy anything else along those lines. I do plan on getting a chain guard to protect the frame. I think thats all I need, I have the tools and all, but if you guys could think of anything else I might need please let me know. I also thought of getting a chain tension device, but if I'm getting single speed done at the bike shop do you think that if it was necessary my lbs would put it on there for me? Anyways thanks for your help guys

    edit- I'm not sure what tool to use to remove my bottom bracket/ crank, it seems funky compaired to my other bikes...
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