OK....I just bought a new Gary Fisher 29ER...It's awesome!!!.....I climbs much better than my old Gary Fisher. The frame just doesn't seem right for me on the old girl.... But what to do with those rarely used XT and LX parts?.....FIND A FREAK'N FRAME THAT WORKS!!!!!!!....I assume that the "NEW GEOMETRY" in frames is not correct for everyone because everyone is different. Like me....I am 5'11 @ 350 pounds and have a tall upper-body with short legs. Some geometries from some company's work well but I simply can't afford them...for example Santa Cruz and Mootz......they feal good in the newer designs...to me anyway.....and the new ones from Gary Fisher are great but I had to go 29ER to get it right. Two weeks ago I got a call from my brother asking me if he can toss my old bike...I said "what bike?"....Turns out my old Trek 7000 was still alive.....I road that bike at least 30 miles a day for 2 years as a missionary for my church back in 96. I gutted the badly worn parts and put the ones on from the old fisher and WOW.....It works great with those good parts. It climbs well and didn't come with a price tag. It's almost the same dimentions as my new Fisher....My point here is I trained my body alot to a certain way of riding in position and comfort. So It's all about finding that right feel. I'm sure it will change as I lose more weight as well.