I recently bought a new (old stock) '05 Fuji panic pro, but it came with the wrong fork (from the lower level fuji panics). While I'm working with Fuji to have the right part sent to me, i figured i would try to set the fork for something i like. I 'm completely new to this so excuse my ignorance.

I turned the left dial in the + direction, to make it stiffer. But it doesn't feel like I'm changing anything, like its just freely spinning. I open the cap and look inside. The inside has a white bolt looking thing (piston?) that regulates air travel i think. When i twist the adjustment and look inside, there is the backside of a screw that turns and isn't attached to anything. there are no loose parts inside the fork, only the piston thing.

Also is it normal that when i push down on the fork that it sounds almost like air is leaking out. It only happens on one side (adjustment side) from around the cap area, but i can tell where in particular. The fork has 100mm of travel and it appears to bottom out on drops larger then 5 stairs when going pretty fast.

The fork is a Fuji panic by zoom.

Thanks michael