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    Parts Comparison. Help?

    I need some help comparing components on two bikes (yep, I'm a newb).

    I've narrowed my bike selection down to two but I don't know (yep, because I'm a newb) if the components upgrade is worth the $200-300 dollars.

    Real easy: I'm comparing the '08 Gary Fisher 29er Cobia to the apparently better components '08 Gary Fisher 29er X-Caliber.

    If anyone knows anything about components value, I would greatly appreciate the advice.

    General comments about these bikes is appreciated as well.

    I'll owe you a coke.

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    Just had a quick look and the biggest and best upgrade seems to be the Fox fork. I run the 90mm version and can vouch for da brraapness. Lighter than the RockShox too.
    Brakes I'm not sure about.. BB5 mechanical discs (cobia) are fairly well recieved.. The m485 shimano hydraulics on the x-caliber are unknown to me, and seem to be below deore. Anyone?
    They probably do a decent job.

    Drivetrain is a bit better, though whether you'll notice much difference...

    31.8mm bar & stem give a little more strength and looks.

    Is it all worth $200-300 extra? Make it a double JD + coke and we'll talk ;P
    '06 Stumpjumper HT

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