I smashed one of my Speedplay frog's on a rock or something, didn't notice it at the time, but while cleaning the pedals I noticed a hairline crack on the side which extends to the silver locking ring on top. It seems like it's still real solid, and I rode 16 miles of singletrack today with no problem on the cracked pedal. It might last forever, I don't know, but would hate to be on the trail with half my pedal still attached to my shoe. Does anyone know how Speedplay reacts to such issues? I'm sure it's my fault, but just wondering if a new pedal is possible under warranty. The pedals are about 4 months old, and were bought new from JensonUSA. I love the frogs, and will buy a new pair if necessary, but was hoping that Speedplay might hook me up on this. I didn't see any warranty info on their site. I'll probably send them an email with photos (after sticking a few very obvious speedplay stickers on my frame for positive effect!)