Hi all,
I just got my first full suspension bike and have a few ?'s
I picked up a 2004 Kona King Kikapu in (what appears to be) great condition for dirt cheap, it has a Risse Astro 5 air shock in the rear and a Marzocchi Bomber shock up front w/Shimano XTR caliper(?) brakes.
So my main ?'s are:
Do I need to do anything to these shocks like refill the oil or replace o'rings?
Do I need to fill the rear shock with air and how much?
Wear can I find info on the Bomber shocks? (Marzocchi's site does not list the Bomber)
Any answers to these ?'s, advice on adjusting these shocks or other advice that I might need would be greatly appreciated. I'm just riding local dirt trails and fire roads in the hills and maybe some small jumps, stuff I normally did on my cheap Novarra front suspension because obviously I am no expert!