Hello, I was wondering if anyone can give me some more information about these hardtails.

Quintana Roo-
I've researched it, but can't seem to find much about this specific frame. I've learned that QR no longer produces MTB and only triathlon bikes, which are apparently of good quality. I mailed QR and they actually could not tell me anything about the frame, which I find extremely odd. Even if it is an old oop frame, I imagine someone there could help me.

Anyways, it seems to be pretty light. I cannot get a good reading off my scale (first me on it, then me with the bike) as it ranges frow low to high 3's. It has Easton Tubing and uses a Kinesis dropout. I also read a post on yahoo groups that states the frame was made by Kinesis. I plan on building it up, but just wanted to see if any of you have come across it.

QTR Picture

Nuke Proof Stealth-
After seeing some NP's on eBay (I also got it on eBay), I do not think this is a Nuke. However, the frame is solid with very good welds. Any idea what this could be? Note, the picture was taken by the PO. The rear triangle is very different than the NP's. It actually looks like a Manitou with the square tubing, but not quite.

<supposed>NPS Picture

Thanks in advance for your comments!