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Thread: A Call for Help

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    A Call for Help

    My bicycle was recently stolen, and the last place I have to turn is here.

    Would any of you happened to have saved the pictures I posted in this thread: The Mysterybike

    I wish to provide the police and local pawnshops with the picture/serial# of my bike. Unfortunately since that thread was posted I have cleared the memory of my camera and bought a new computer. what was posted was the last photographic evidence of my bike.

    I know it is a longshot, but if by chance any of you has one or more of those picture please, PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

    (bike theives suck)

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    Bike thieves do suck. My family has seen at least three or four taken.

    Where are you located? Major city? Small town?

    I live in a suburb of Washington DC, and quite honestly, the cops never find anything. It might be different in a smaller town, for sure.

    On the flip side, owner's/renter's insurance covers the value of the bike. I'm not exactly sure how it works but if you have insurance for owning/renting your house, it might be covered, with a deductible.

    All I know is the expensive bikes of ours that were stolen, we got money back, so it's not a lost cause.

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