Hi all, from my previous posts you realized that i am on the buy for a new frame. I am heavily confused with warranties though. Here is the story. I am doing a Phd now in the UK, after 2-3 years i will move out of the UK back to Greece. I would like to know how on earth i will be covered by a warranty back in Greece. For example, Marin UK warranties frames for UK purchased and more importantly for UK residents ONLY. I presume that many companies have the same policy. US residents etc.... Obviously i dont want to buy a 1500$ frame and realize that after 3 years a crack develops, i am in Greece, noone warranties my frame and i end up having wasted 1000-1500$ for a high end frame. Sorry about the post people but i contacted most of the UK distributors and the all told me silly stories. I need your expert advice on this ... The companies i am considering for a frame are :
Santa Cruz