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    So my main ride is being retired, but I want to do something with it. It is a hardtail but I was thinking of throwing a single speed kit on it and maybe even swapping the front fork out for a 29er to make a 69er SS. Anyone have any thoughts / input on this? I figure the bike has old school slack(ish) geometry to begin with and currently has a 90mm front fork, so swapping that for a 29er fork with no suspension may be within its tolerances.

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    how big is your frame? you could have some toe overlap issues if it is a smaller frame.

    you could go with a non corrected rigid fork and probably not change your ht angle at all or slightly.

    try something like a surly 1x1 fork or similiar. I used to run 29'' wheels on mine occasionally.

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    Hmm good point. The frame is 17.5" might be too small. I'll do some measurements tonight. I won't be buying anything until I April probably as I've already blown thru my March bike parts budget

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