Hey everyone. The guys at the Trials Forums don't really know the answer to this, so....

I've been doing trials for a little bit, and while I may be a gigantic newb, I've got some of the basics down. However, I've had a few problems.

First off, I can't front wheel pivot (moving the rear wheel, to avoid confusion) to the right. I can pivot about 1/8th to the left, but usually I only lift my rear wheel straight up when pivoting to the right. My left foot is my dominant foot, so I keep it in front, but my right leg is more powerful. Could this have anything to do with it? Also, it has nothing to do with not being used to platforms, I can't do it on my normal MTB either.

My second problem is I can't seem to lift my rear wheel very high without my brakes. I can lift it maybe 3 or four inches. I can hop in place, and I'm following the guys at my LBS have told me to dowhich is basically lean back, then quickly shift my body forward, unweight the pedals and push down/forward on the bars. Is this right? I'm shifting my weight forward at the right time and completely unweighting my pedals, but I don't know if I'm applying enough pressure to the bars. However, when I apply more pressure, I become unstable, and it's not becuase my rear wheel is going any higher.