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    close call of the day

    note - excuse my lack of a shift key...

    so i was cycling along on my mountain bike having fun testing traction when i decided to head back home. going down a residential street at about 16 or 17 mph on packed snow with decent traction i was securely away from the wet, heavy slush that seems to redirect your front and rear tires to the worst of positions. suddenly, though, what later proved to be a fellow teenager gunned out of her driveway in a honda civic - since she came right out of a garage and down a 5 foot little stub of a driveway i would have never been able to see her. i swerve but the tires hold and then suddenly i hit a patch of that heavy slush. attached i have a picture of what happened - amazingly i recovered from the near sideways wipeout with a really cool 'thud' when the front wheel went from sliding at an angle to the pavement to hitting a patch of ground that would hold me. the transition was so abrupt it almost threw me off my bike. i wish i had a shift key now...

    well, that was my near wipeout moment for today

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    Glad you got your shift key back. *rubs eyes*

    Looking to buy a bike, and need advice (Low Budget)

    By the way. Good save in the ice. *rubs eyes again*
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