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Thread: Broken Fender

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    Broken Fender

    What the heck?? I buy the c'dale for $479, and the guy at the bike shop is like "You gotta have a fender" So I agreed and bought this $15 dollar plastic fender. Then I bought two tubes, so all togethor it came to a little over $500, I have ridden on the trails only twice, I am messing around just in my driveway, I pull a wheely, and I pulled it to hard, got to much torque, and flew off, the fender barely hit, and a big chunk busted off
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    I guess LBS's have to push stuff to make a living. Hey, at least they didn't unload undercoating, and optional floormats! .

    Luckily, the LBS's I go to don't do hard sells. They just end it with, "is that all for today?" I like that. They've even talked me OUT of buying stuff like bar-ends for my XC bike. He told me to learn to tuck my elbows in instead!

    You can still fix it with an inexpensive "do it yourself" plastic weld kit you can buy from large automotive parts stores, or those mega hardware stores. It comes in a plastic syringe and you squirt a paste between the two broken plastic pieces then you set the paste hard by heating it up (i.e. lightly passing a torch back and forth over it). You'd need to cut a v-groove out of the crack for larger surface area. I used it to fix a motorcycle fairing and it works better than epoxy glue (another way to fix it).

    There's also home fiberglass kits but that will cost you more than a new fender.
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