Hello all. (First post in the MTB forum)

I'm nearly finished with my first mountain bike build, a Redline Monocog 29, and I've run into a slight problem with chainline. As it turns out my rear hub (Surly "new" SS disc) is designed for a 54-55mm chainline. Most of the cranks that I am finding seem to be set up for 50mm. I realize that the chainline doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd like to get it within +/- 1mm.

My question is, does anyone know if the chainring on the truvativ stylo 1.1 is on the inside of the spider? If it is, I'm thinking I can just move the chainring to where the bashguard is and have something like a 55mm chainline. Does this sound feasible? Lastly, are there any other suggestions for a crankset that would put me in the ballpark range?

Thanks for your help.

For reference: