So, I bought a Surly Karate monkey and I'm planning on building it up as a rigid single speed but I'm having trouble picking out cranks for it..My local bike shop offered me a shimano triple crankset (it's just a normal 5 arm crank) for 40 bucks and they'd buy the two rings I'd take off it plus they have a bottom bracket for 20 bucks..So, there's that or I can get the Race Face Ride Single Speed Crankset ( price point has the Truvativ Husselfelt ('07.htm)
what do you guys think? I'm just gonna be using it for trails this summer and it's also gonna be a montana winter I need something like the raceface or the husselfelt? is isis bottom bracket system better than the common bottom bracket? help me out I'm gonna pick one of 'em up this weekend.