So after spending lots and lots of time on road and track bikes, I've finally decided to take on mountain biking. I get to spend time in nature, roll over stuff, and generally hang out with people who generally aren't pretentious *******s. Anyways, after trying out several bikes, I've settled on a hardtail with geometry between a XC bike and a dirtjump bike(I think). My favourite ride was a Cove Stiffee with a 100mm travel fork. It seemed to want to follow my body's movements.

So now I'm left to either ponder a build or buy a complete bike. I'd like to spend less than $700, either new or used is fine. I'm probably going to end up riding mostly singletrack, maybe some rougher trails, and also plan on dabbling in dirtjumping. Ideally I'm looking for something with components around Deore level. Hydro disks would be amazing but realistically I'm hoping for Avid BB7's or some nice V's.

Oh, and I work at a shop that carries Brodie, Marin, Fuji, and KHS so if you guys have any suggestions for a new complete build from one of those companies, it'll cost much less.