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    Perfect Ride for a Red Line Monocog

    What would be the perfect ride for a Redline Monocog? I have 50 years of road bike experience, but have only been on a mountain bike for 2. I've learned a lot about the limitations of a single-speed fully rigid frame, but I still love the bike and wonder what you folks think it is best at? I love the simplicity and the similarity to the balloon tire bikes I started riding when I was 6. I live in Vermont, so it's pretty hilly and we have miles and miles of dirt roads. I commute 3,000+ miles a year on a fixed gear track bike.

    Location:Thetford, Vermont

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie Fixed View Post
    What would be the perfect ride for a Redline Monocog?
    Not sure what you're asking, but I'd say a nicely groomed singletrack that is skinny enough that a car can't fit on it, hahahehe.

    Get her out in the woods and see what you think. Yah it will be more work than a geared bike but trails are fun and the Monocog is pretty good at them. Too much climbing on that bike will either blow out your knees or give you quads like pcad.

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    Try to do some double track first as the climbs seem to be less severe. Be prepared to walk to the top of some climbs unless you know trials moves. Big help is to match tires to terrain as you'll be standing and traction is your only friend.
    I ride a 26" monocog and love the simplicity of it. I walked quite a few climbs mainly due to not knowing the trails and not having the WTB Velociraptors on for traction. Only walk a few now.
    For fun you can strap on a heart rate monitor and be shocked. I know I was. When it says 180 bpm I unclip and walk to the top.
    Just go out and have a ball.

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