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    Selling Price for a Cannondale F300

    Hey guys,

    I've got a 3 year old Cannondale F300 that I was thinking about selling in order to get a road bike. I go to school in Vermont where there's a HUGE road bike culture (and a not so huge mountain/trail culture). Also, I commute on my mountain bike, and it's quite inefficient, as I ride only on roads. A roadbike really suits my needs better.

    Anyway, I am unsure of the asking price I should be putting on this bike. Just to see, I put it up on Craig's List starting at $200, and I got 9 replies in one day, so I'm thinking I set the price too cheaply.

    Also (this may be the wrong forum), but any recommendations on some good entry-level road bikes (maybe not the $5000 ones with super thin tires built for ergonomic speed, but a bike that could serve my purposes for commuting to work in the summer (I work about 4 miles away, and some of the terrain is bump pavement with potholes, etc.), and getting around campus in the fall/spring (riding over grass?) while also allowing me to go on some sweet mountain gap rides with friends in Vermont. I'm hoping to spend <$700.

    Well, some of you guys seem pretty knowledgeable about bikes on here, so I hope you can help!


    Here's a pic - it's in great condition:
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    i would say your about right on price but demand is high. You might want to look into a cross bike and your already on the right track with craigslist.
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