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    2007 Marin Bolinas Ridge: Questions

    Hi all, brand new here on bike forums but I'm a long time mt. biker. I ride a Gary Fisher Marlin.

    I am buying my girlfriend a bike for b-day and have narrowed my selection down to two. This is a entry level mt bike for a weekend trail rider (beginner riding) and occasional street/boardwalk rider. I have a college budget of $300-350 and am not looking for anything fancy but as always, I'm looking for a "decent" bike for the price.

    Here are my two bikes I figure will be a good entry level bike

    2007 Womens 15" 7005 aluminum frame Marin Bolinas Ridge: List: $450, Sale: $350
    2008 Men's 16"? 6061 aluminum frame Trek 3700 Sale: $329

    Obviously these bikes will have the most basic components on them but I feel both frames are sturdy and can be customized if there was ever a desire to.

    My questions are

    1. For a 2007 bike, is 350 a good price. The salesman won't go any lower?
    2. Is Marin a good bike? I've never even heard of them before this week?
    3. Am I just paying for a name in Trek or will the bike serve it's purpose well as a weekend bike?

    I've ridden the Marin and it doesn't fit my style as it isn't aggressive enough but I felt was a sturdy bike that had solid components that would fit my girlfriend's needs.

    Specs of the 2007 Marin

    I am looking to get a bike in the next few days. Any help would be great. Please don't tell me to go to Dick's Sporting Goods to get a bike because their bikes are the crappiest I've seen.

    Thanks in advance for any advice


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    I own a Marin Hawk Hill and it's a damn good bike. Marin is lesser known, but I think they make great bikes. That's a pretty good price for the Bolinas Ridge...Rei has them for $499.00 and I usually find REI has good prices, so $350 is good. Which bike has the better components? Is the Bolinas Ridge running Altus and Acera parts? Not great, but decent entry-level. I dunno about the Trek, but I find that most times you're paying for the "Trek" name and can usually get a better deal on another brand, such as Marin.
    --Marin Hawkhill

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