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    got my clipless pedals

    First I have to say pricepoint is fast. Thursday evening around 9pm eastern I placed an order for a set of crankbros smarty pedals. I ordered the 2007's cause they were only 34$. When I got em it seems I got this years cause it came with the optional blue and red color corners (maybe previous year also came with that). I got these pedals this afternoon. Thats pretty quick considering I live in montreal canada. Friday I ended up driving around looking for shoes, and found one store that had a sale on time TXT spd shoes. These shoes are pretty awesome. They are very comfy and look great. So basically today I spent 15 minutes installing cleats onto the shoes and swapping pedals. I got out and within 20 seconds I was clipped in and wow I love the extra pull I get on acceleration. Clipping out was actually very easy, I still have to remind myself, but so far everytime I came to a stop and started falling I was able to react in time to get my foot free and catch myself. I drove around the neighborhood with an allan key and adjusted my cleats until I felt they were perfect. I am glad I didnt get any problems that I read on mtbr reviews with cleat adjustment and engaging/disengaging. I feel very comfortable with them and already started horsing around stairs and sidewalks. I love the feel and can already say that I will never go back to platforms for the riding I do.

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    My fav. thing about clipless is the fact that during rough/nasty feet always stay planted. I'm One with the bike.

    My Cranky-Candies were very nice out of the box, but about 10 rides later...they became even better.

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