So I just built a new wheelset for the Cannondale F3. DT 4.2 rims (28/32), wheelsmith 2.0/1.7 spokes, Al nipples, XTR 965 hubs. Brakes are XTR 965 hydros with LX levers.

I am incredibly pleased with the setup, particularly the brake performance. 1 finger stopping power, and modulation that blows the BB5's that were on the bike formerly out of the water. The modulation is the most noticeable improvement, the lever feel is incredible and very linear. These brakes are definitely worth the hassle of setup.

The wheels themselves are also MUCH lighter than the ones they replaced, and yes, losing 400+ grams in a wheelset is VERY noticeable.

Bleeding was a pain, though, especially for the rear. I must have run 25 or 30 fills of the reservoir to get them bled, and tapped the lines and caliper, etc. The rear still needs some final bleeding. It is still worth it!

Oh, I also managed to score the about parts for about $475 in total. Sold the old wheels and brakes for $175. Life is good.

Now, I gotta get out and ride! Later!