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    Hardtail Geometry for a person of small stature...HELP!!!

    I'm about to buy my first, and hopefully last MTB and I want to make it a good one.
    I've been using a wonderful Panasonic Team America, all Dura-Ace road bike for the last 20 years, supplemented over the past four years in Italy by an Olympia hybrid city/mountain bike.
    I now wish to graduate to hardtail, and thought I'd pamper myself with something really good. Maybe custom or semi-custom titanium or steel.
    I've been looking at Thorn, Moots, some nice German bikes (Endorfin, KTM, Norvid, etc.), and Independent Fabrication. I'm particularly interested in the Rohloff hub, hence those brands.
    My questions:
    1) of course, recommendations as to frames and kits in general, since I'm basically ignorant...
    2) which brand, or which geometry would be best for me, given the fact that I'm only 5'3"? Is the top tube length important? Seems that way - hate to have to reach out too far, etc.
    Thanks for the input!

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    Yes, TT length is important, moreso than standover/seattube in general.

    What is the sizing on your current bikes? Use that as a start guide to fit your mtb frame, since that is what you're used to. Assuming you like the fit of those bikes, yes? Granted the mtb will fit and feel different, but at least you can use those numbers to start with. Hit every bike shop you can find and try to test ride all the small sizes you can to get a feel for what you might like in mtb fit.
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