I was in an accident in July of 2003; and it cut my riding season in half. I first started riding a few months after using my dad's cruiser; but it's 2 inches big for me.

Now that the snow is finally starting to melt and the weather is getting warmer I think it is time for me to start riding again. However, I am still "bikeless" to an extent.

The bike I was riding in my accident; a 2003 Trek 6700 sustained significant damage. The top tube is dented in, and the dropouts are pushed to one side as well. My father had a clients-son's-friend look at it, cause he does bike work so we gave it to him to look at. He'll see what he can salvage; if anything.

But; I'm quite confident that the frame will not be. If so; what's a decent mountain bike frame; around 17 - 17.5 in size. I don't want to spend $400 on a frame, if not $200. At that point, it's probably worth selling the parts to the guy and using the money + additional money for a new bike.

Worst case scenario; we keep what we can and my dad uses it and I can pick up a new bike, but that's for a later date.