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    Product Development

    Hello! I am a student in Industrial Design, working with a consumer electronics company called Cobra. They are looking to expand there product line
    and customer base. They work primarily in personal communications. We
    feel that there may be opportunity in cycling. If anyone would respond to
    the following questions about cycling I would greatly appreciate it. This company is looking
    go into production with all viable ideas within the year. Your feedback could directly influence
    the development of a new product for the mountain bike. We are in the initial phases of development and are trying to find direction.

    What is the most important part of the spirit of cycling?

    What do you expect out of your gear?

    Do you feel that there is a place for electronic communication while riding? If so, describe.

    If so. What are your main concerns and needs for communication on the bike?

    Thanks for you time. I want to come back here to post threads as our product moves along. And hopefully this online community will help us make something worthwhile.

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    "When you are chewing the bars at the business end of a 90 mile road race you really dont care what gear you have hanging from your bike so long as it works."
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