I am hoping I could hear about some of your experiences with medium or small intense spider xvp frames. Or hear from people with some expertise with the geometry. I am looking at buying a frame, but am not sure what size to get. (here is a link to the bike's geometry-- http://www.intensecycles.com/2008/bi...odel=spiderxvp) So the problem is I might be between frames

I am 5'7.75" (3/4 inch) but my inseam is 28.875 (7/8 inch) inches.

I have been on a small intense FRO and it seemed very small. I have not been able to test ride a medium intense-- not anywhere near my home-- but the 29.5 standover height scares me a bit. I am not sure what direction to go in. Any suggestions or past experience would be much appreciated. . ..Thanks