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    "A Prophet ride" - Video

    Hello from Portugal !!

    See our new video with HIGH QUALITY in our blog (translated version to english - somethings don't make sense in english, but it is ok, lol):


    For the low-resolution video (not recommended) click here: youtube

    This video was not intended to be extreme, it was intended to entertaining and give the feeling of "I want to ride my bike" after seeing it. Enjoy!

    Good Bye

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    Don't read this part: I always get a kick out of people who buy a bike that they can go bomber-nutz on and then go ride trails in a way that could have been accomplished just as quickly, easily, and comfortably on a rigid. I don't care though b/c if I had the coin, I'd ride XC on a 7" Bullit!!!

    Read this part: I liked the video because it made me want to go ride my bike. If I were in Portugal, I'd make you give me a tour. Thanks for sharing some foreign trail and contrary to what some say about vid's that "should be Gnar-boots and peppered with shredding"...I like when you post your videos.

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