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Thread: Jamis Exile SS

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    Jamis Exile SS

    Before you all fire up your torches, I DID use the search function and found SOME info, but alot of it pertained to older model years or a geared version. My soon-to-be 15 y/o son has caught the SS bug and is ISO a now-rare 26er. This one looks like a good deal. I'm trying to stear the lad in the right direction. Any and all opinions and/or tales of anecdotal experiences are welcome. Thanks!

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    It's a good bike. I like Jamis. I have had issues with them, but their customer service is good.

    I had an XLT broken swingarm. Jamis replaced it within the month. No more problems with that frame.
    I had a 2004 Komodo frame jigged off center. Replaced within a week.
    I had a 2004 Komodo with chainstay flex issues. Replaced within a month.

    I've heard of quicker warranty turn-around with them, but mine were slow partly b/c there's no Jamis dealer around here. All of my Jamis frames were purchased from and Joey has been a great help with the warranty stuff.

    It's a good bang-for-your-buck company if you can't afford to spend a ton.

    I'd obviously prefer a Sinister, Banshee, yada-yada over my latest Komodo...but price is always a factor for me.

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