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    I threw away an RS-1

    When I first got in to mountain biking in 1991, I bought a Huffy at K-Mart. I know, I know. Hey, it looked a lot like a Fat Chance, just weighed about twice as much. Eventually I came to my senses and bought a used Trek 950, my first real mountain bike, but not before I had tried and tried to get that Huffy to be what it would never be. To that end, at one point an aquaintance gave me a Rock Shox RS-1 that he was done with. It unfortunately had a very short steer tube. It would fit the Huffy if I was willing to forego the luxury of a locknut on my headset. I wasn't. My Trek was(is) a 21". The head tube was much too long. The RS-1 eventually settled to the bottom of my cardboard box of bike junk. Along came a girlfriend who professed an interest in joining me in MTB'ing. Yippee! Off to the bike shop we went, and came back with a used 14" Giant, which just happened to have a cheap chrome replacement fork. Surely the RS-1 would fit such a small frame. Nope. After several attacks on the steer tube, which stubbornly refused to come out of the crown, I got so digusted with the thing that I stomped out to the dumpster and chucked it in. If only I had known then how nice it would have looked on the garage wall...

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    I junked my first mountain bike I got in 85, a Schwinn High Sierra, when I got a more serious mountain bike, a Bianchi Grizzly. Kept a few parts from it, but wish I had saved the whole thing and rebuilt it. The frame was on the wall for a while, though, as was the Bianchi which I broke as well as the two Bianchi Super Grizzly's after that (actually only one of the Super Grizzlys was on the wall, Bianchi wanted the other back before they'd replace it). I don't have enough wall space for anything after my move this year, though, so it's just as well...
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