So, my Stumpy came with Magura Marta SL's and I like them a lot. I've always used Avid Juicy's but the Magura's have feel better and they don't sound like a bull elk in rut when they get wet. The only problem is that in order to adjust the calipers to keep them from rubbing the rotors you have to break out the shims and get to work. A super nice brakeset that drags the rotors doesn't make much sense to me.

Since rotors and mounts are all industry standard I thought I'd try using some avid mounts with their CPS mounting hardware. I had to order new caliper for the rear because the stock one is IS and I needed a post mount caliper. Next were the Avid adapters, 203 for the front and 185 for the rear, and some of their caliper hardware. Bleed out the new caliper (damn Magura calipers are a pain in the @** to bleed) and adjust the position. Voila! Drag free brakes.

Somebody gimme a cookie right now!!!