I posted about a week ago about disc brakes giving me a fit on my Giant XTC-850. They were some Hayes MX-1 brakes.

I mentioned getting a pair of Avid BB7's here and I got nothing but positive feedback.

Got the brakes in today and even though I've never changed a disc brake in my life it took roughly about an hour and half and that's probably because I was granny-ing it and taking my time and torquing everything, etc.

Even a knucklehead like me can adjust these BB7's perfect first time. The inner and outer pad adjustments are awesome and will easily compensate for pad wear as well.

I rode around (in the rain) tonight for 30 minutes or so and they just kept getting tighter and tighter, but not too tight. Just like I like 'em.

WAY better than those MX-1's.

Thanks again .......John

Edited to add: Actually now that I think about it I probably posted this in the bike mechanics forum but what the heck, you guys are still all right.