Greetings from Bend, Oregon!!

Two of us locals are in the running for two different cycling contests and need your vote to win. In both circumstances the contests end March 15th and result in winning free entry to a race or bike tour.

We thank you greatly!!

Melanie's contest: Bike Tour in Africa from Egypt to Ethiopia -
My article is from a solo bike tour I did in Nepal and India. Please vote for my article, you can use multiple email addresses to vote and refresh a few times, as every ten visits to the page counts as a vote
too. For a longtime I was in second place, closing in on 1st place. All of a sudden, two other people pushed through, placing me in 4th - yikes! If I win, my husband and I will join Tour De'Afrique in Egypt to ride through Sudan into Ethiopia. I am needing every vote to catch up and then pass 1st place!

Ben Thompson's contest: The Breck Epic in Breckenridge, CO this July -
Ben needs your vote to win free entry to this 6-day ultra-endurance mountain bike stage race that would kill most of us. Ben plans to ride the solo division, so let's help him get there! There don't seem to be limits to the number of times people can vote for Ben, so you are welcome to vote for him daily or weekly. You will need to vote for two other rides as well, so rank Ben first and then choose two others to be the lucky winners. Currently there is no way to see who is in first place, so we just need to vote often!

Thank you for helping us local Bendites!