Well, after searching a few dealers, one of them finally had one in store, and I purchased it. 650 Canadian. I'm happy as hell right now. The bike's really awesome for the price. The marzocchi forks are insanely tight, the frame is rock solid, shifts like a dream, etc. Can't wait to hit some really sweet trails with it. Did some decent drops on it already, nothing over two feet though. Only had it a night and it's already muddy and dirty. I was embarrassed owning a mountain bike that looks prestine and new, felt so stupid.

Oh, and I got a Stigma speedo / odo thing. Man, I forgot how nice it was to have one of those things since my last one broke. It was a CCM pos.

Pictures of me riding will be coming I think. I really want them to be coming anyway. The balance on the bike is pretty sweet, as is the geometry (the two go together somewhat), so I've been having a blast doing some wheelies and crap.

If you guys can't tell, I'm fairly pumped about this bike. The Trek 4500, Giant Yukon (I think?), Fisher Marlin, etc, have nothing on this thing. Well, the GF is about 150 more, so for the price it has nothing on it... But then you'd be stepping up to the Blast in the Kona line up.