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    Spec. Epic Build - Hayes Comps or BB7s ?

    So since I really have no experience with either disk brake set; maybe you all can give your opinions on which you might prefer, and why, (of these two) for xc application on a Spec. Epic.
    Cost is not an issue, either set is available to me, and it will be one or the other.
    Coming from mostly rim brake setups, with a few rides on other's bikes which might have had Disks, a few with Shimano, one with BB5 and another with a Tektro (i think...). They all worked fine, no problems, and really never had the need to get on the limits of stopping on any of those rides. Espescially being on loaner bikes, I'm not about to do anything which might cause issues, so easy does it was the way I rode all the loaners.
    But now I get to setup my own toy.
    So whats your preference - Hayes Comps or BB7s?
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    bb7s are the best mechanical brakes in my opinion, i have them on both my xc and my dj rig. theyre simple brakes and are easy to get them dialed in when setting them up. I have never had a problem with them either and they stop on a dime. however, it seems like you are asking to compare brakes on two different ends of the spectrum it seems like. one mechanical and ones hydraulic, ones pricey and the other can be found for about 50 bucks. i can personally only vouch for the bb7s because i have the never ridden the hayes.
    hopefully what i said was somewhat helpfull and not just a bunch of rambling
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