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    Woohoo, back on the trails with new bike

    After a nearly two year hiatus I am back on the trails. I scored a 08 Kona Cinder Cone for $599 at a LBS. I was also able to clean up and pass on my trusty old steed to a friend who is getting into biking.

    I have always heard good things about Kona but after shopping around there was no way I could pass this up. A Deore/ LX bike with Hayes hydros for the price of other Alivio/ Acera bikes with junk mech disc brakes.

    I've been out on the trails twice and heading out again tonight with my friend who will be riding my old ride for the first time. I gave him my Miyata Elevation STX/ LX with upgrades and tuned up. Should be a good starter bike for him for a couple years of trails riding.

    Pictures of the new rig to come soon.
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