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Thread: rear bars?

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    rear bars?

    Hi guys,
    i've been on here for a while but this is my first post
    basically i have a bike like this one:
    not exactly the same but more or less. its a mountain bike. I was wondering, is it possible to attack those bars that you see at the back of BMX bikes that lets you stand up off the pedals? the bars attach to either side of the rear wheel.
    im looking to buy these because i pick up friends from my tube station, and i like to bring my bike. if i get these bars then a mate can hop on the back of my bike instead of walking beside me.

    anyway help greatly appreciated!


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    Those are called grind pegs; and they require a solid, nutted rear axle to attach them to. Your MTB has a hollow axle with a quick-release skewer through it. It is possible to adapt your rear hub to a nutted axle but you'll have to answer for yourself whether it's worth it to do that.

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