Hello all,

I'm a newbie to this particular forum, and a newb getting back into the sport. The last time I seriously rode was back in 2005 or 06 and at the time I had a Trek Fuel 97. The idea was buy an awesome bike and never need to upgrade it. Well I came out to Rochester NY in 07 to come to RIT and at the time I sold my bike because I didn't want to bring a bike that expensive to school with me. Well some friends and are are getting back into the sport so I cashed my latest paycheck and bought a Trek 4300 Disc. Not the best bike in the world, but the ride was comfortable enough during the test, and its a good base. After bringing it out to do some trail riding today I have decided that the RST fork has got to go, for a beginner its an OK fork, but for what I am going to be riding this fork just isn't going to work.

So at the moment I am looking at the Rock Shox Tora (Race or SL) Reba (SL) and Recon. My price cap is about $350 (I would be willing to push it to $400 maybe) so my question to you is for a good XC fork that will take quite a bit of abuse, and maybe a little bit of single track what would you recommend. Also remember that the bike is bone stock, so if I'm going to need to replace anything I need to know what is going to be replaced and suggestions. Also remember that I have ridden, but never even looked into upgrading, so this is totally new territory for me.