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    Thoughts - 2009 Specialized Rockhopper Expert

    Do you think this hardtail is a good value for $1100 MSRP or would you opt for another make/model for a similar price?

    2009 Specialized Rockhopper Expert Disc

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    I don't like paying MSRP on anything, I never feel like I'm getting a "good" deal. I think there are better deals out there, but you have to do some searching. I bought the 08 comp this year for $620, very similar bikes. Look, almost the same bike------->

    I would recomend the bike, I like mine over my other MTB's. (02 GF-marlin & 04 HR-comp & 06 goose).

    I'm goin for one of thes next round ---->---v

    Why? because I can fix my own bikes, and the last time I put my bike in the shop was for a warrenty issue on a dart fork. The fork rebound knob fell of un-noticed and it had bad seals (leaking oil). Over MONTH later I got my bike back... The bike was a week old, hadn't seen the trails yet... Just a couple rides in town.
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