Hello all from Turkey. Great forum you have here.

Im currently riding a 2008 Corratec X-Vert Bicycle with 46cm (18,11 inch) Frame Size

However in 2 weeks i will buy "2009 Corratec World Cup Revolution Team Color Frame"

I see that 45cm (17,7") Revolution frame has a Top Tube of 58 cm (22,8") which i think is small for me. X-Vert has a Top Tube of 61,5cm (24,2).

So i thought of buying a 49cm (19,2") Revolution frame. Do you think it will fit
me better? I dont do so much off-road. I mostly ride it on roads and rough terrains in the city.

But i have a concern. I heard that if a frame gets bigger its agility, balance, and maneuverability decreases. Since i mostly ride it in the city in streets full with people, i have to accelerate quickly, then stop, and make sharp turns, need to stay in balance while im moving
very slowly. If i get "49 cm" frame will that be a problem?

My height is 184 cm and inseam is 86cm... My Trunk length is 65 cm.

Here is the link to both Bikes:

Revolution and its geometry

Xvert and its geometry