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    any 200 lb + riders using tubeless


    I recently switched my tires from Bontrager Jones XR tubeless ready (was running tubes with them as they were stock on my bike Trek fuel ex9). I switched to panracer cinders since allot of guys here run them and find they work well on our terrain.

    anyway if these do not work for me I might try tubeless but I'm currently 205 and I'm wondering if running lower tire pressure will result in me damaging my rims since I'm a heavier guy. I usually run around 40 psi in my tires

    I should add the terrain here is pretty technical with allot of rocks and roots and I ride all mountain and will be racing a bit of XC and enduro XC this year.

    anyone have much experience?

    is tubeless a waste unless you can get away with low tire pressure?

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    I'm heavier than you and I've run tubeless down to just under 30 psi but normally I run closer to 35. Once I rolled my front tire over a bit and burped some air but that's about it. I just stopped at the next intersection and topped it off and was good to go. I think you'll be fine.

    It's better to burn out than fade away...or slip out of your pedal and face plant on the side of the road!!!

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    I was running Mavic 823 rims on XTR hubs when I was up to 275lbs. I never had a problem with my Kenda Kenetic 2.2 inch knobs. I would usually run them at around 40-45psi, but when I got lazy and didn't top them up every few days I am sure I was down to the 30's (didn't use sealant). Since I wanted a little more speed I got some Maxxis wormdrives (semi slick) and would pump them up to 50+. Once I pumped to 55psi in a 70 degree air conditioned room and took them out into 95+ heat. After hammering up and down some pretty steep but short climbs I was descending at about 25 and heard a whap,whap,whap just before a very LOUD BOOOOM.
    I would strongly suggest not go OVER the Max psi, but I think they do fine at lower. And sounds like that is what you want for the maximum deformation of the tire to grip the roots without worrying about pinch flats.

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