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Thread: A great deal???

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    A great deal???

    OK....I have two questions but they are related.

    1. I know that the frame needs to fit and everybody is unique but ballpark....I'm 5'6" and I have a <EDIT> 2004 Specialized FSR XC Pro that is a medium.....17 or 17.5". Am I on the wrong size bike?

    2. So I was potentially looking to replace it and a hardtail is fine for me. I came across a 2005 Trek 6700 Disc at a local store....still unassembled in the box. It is a 15.5" and they are asking $659.99. It's list was $1,099.99 but that was in 2005 and it is now May 2009. They said it was sitting there because it is a small and they don't sell too many. Is it a good buy? Should I try to pay less? It seems like a great buy (I don't care about having the newest bike) but why has it not sold? ....and should I offer less or am I being too pushy? The exact bike with specs is below:

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    It sounds like your current ride may be a little big, but as you stated, each person is different. I am about 5'9" (32" inseam) and ride a 17" (medium) frame myself. What year is the Specialized? Did you mean a FSR XC Pro? What about buying a frame, and swapping over the components? If you are younger(still growing) maybe this would be an idea so when you outgrow the smaller frame, you are ready with the next size up!

    As a comparison, this is the comparable pricewise(msrp) to the 6700 you are looking at. The 6700 has a little better components, but less travel for the fork. The new 6700 msrp is over $1300.00 now as a comparison.

    I THINK it is a good deal for a brand new bike.

    Hope this helps a little.
    ....on a tricycle!


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