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    Another what do you think I should get thread.

    Hello People!

    I want to get into biking. I found out it's really expensive I'm trying to get a used bike. I have two friends with two bikes for sale.

    One is a Mongoose Pro NX 8.3 and the other is a Trek 7500 MultiTrack. Both bikes have barely any road time on them.

    I'm looking into mountain biking, but nothing too extreme yet. I just want to hit the small and not so rugged trails first. I want to be able to learn how to ride a bike with gears since I've never owned one with gears. I also want to ride on the street as well. LOL I seem to want a lot of things, but I hope my questions are enough for some of you to help me decide on the bike I need.

    Thank you.

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    really depends on the year of the bikes.. mongoose is now a bad brand, but that is like a 99 model or so the nx8.3 which looks pretty good for an older mountain bike..

    the trek 7500 Multitrack is considered a hybrid with the 700cc wheels, it may be the better bike on road, but the mongoose is more of a proper mountain bike for off road. I think of the 2 the mongoose is the best, but the mongoose has a "i just rolled out of wal-mart with this" stigma to it.

    I'd probably ride them both and whichever I liked/ felt comfortable on I'd go for that. you really should list the year for those bikes for a better answer.. also consider a new hardtail bike you can get one for under 400 and not have to worry as much about it being mechanically sound.
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