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Thread: Trail bikes

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    Trail bikes

    I am sorry if i am in the wrong forum for this. if i am please point me in the right direction. i have been wanting a new mountain bike for a while now. i was going to get a trek 4300, but i stopped riding my mountain bike and was pretty much only riding my FG. now i have been riding with a friend on the weekends, and i want a bike again. i have been searching for something i can mess around on a little more. i was looking for a 24" trails bike. i found the Giant STP and the Giant Boulder. i am not sure if the boulder is comes in a 24", so that is one of my questions. does it? i found the STP in 24". (I also found a mongoose fireball, but sense mongoose has been on sale at Walmart for years i am not interested).

    i kind of decided yesterday this was what i was looking for, so i couldn't go to my LBS to ask them. and they are only open until 6 and i work 30-45 minutes away (it is a mile from my home) so i really can't make it there until Saturday. are there any other options out there for me to look into for a 24" bike? i dig the Inspired bikes, but UK seems to not be an option. that and i just but my girlfriend a bike, so my funds are low at the moment. so i would like a goal to start to save for. I'm trying to keep it under $700 for now.

    and riding with my friend isn't an issue. he is not in very good shape yet and he smokes... a lot. so me riding 24" to his 26" will not be an issue.

    edit: i was jsut looking at the Haro Threaded 1. anyone try that? the reviews are favorable. and the LBS by my place sells giant and Haro.
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